Let’s make some money!

As the CEO, I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website to see how we can help you! Below, you will see the ways you can make extra money and how we will help you every step of the way! It’s FREE to get started! Click to see more! – Sam L


Join our revenue generation program and our affiliate programs with various top-notch companies who pay the most out of them all. We will give you the right companies to go that pay the most and are professional. Getting approved for Google AdSense is the best way to do it.

Money-IconMaster Marketing. Have a website, online store, news site, youtube channel or even just a blog created ($50.00 unless you add features such as the ones listed below like Search Engine Optimization, or Enhanced Listings) 

It’s entirely up to you on your budget. we accommodate everyone. Some customers prefer starting basic and growing from there, some prefer to purchase the premium packages right off the get go and start making money instantly, at very accelerated rates.

It took us roughly 5-6 years to master online marketing, learned some of the secret tips and tricks, talk to the right people and get with the right companies and various other things to achieve maximum performance in this industry.

Breakdown/Portfolio of everything

We’ve done work for companies as small as 1 employee, just being the owner and others that are fortune 500 and 100 companies. 

Take a look at see what we can do for your business. All for an extremely fair price (per package) while boosting your traffic flow, sales, revenue and overall getting more business, leads and sales, while collecting monthly revenue from parking 2-3 ads on your website(s)

For an extra few thousand dollars…. And it’s free to join… Well that’s why I am writing this now with no full-time job necessary! 

Which I’m sure you ALL have seen the bullcrap online marketing scheme ones.. They show you their Porsche and stuff, then try and get $1000 or more out of you in “investments”. That’s a ripoff.

You will most likely not get “rich” from doing this by itself, however. There is a possibility of it. There are a lot of people who have. But I am not condoning this as a “get rich quick” type thing. It’s a true and awesome way to make repeat monthly income while having almost nothing in investments.

If you are looking to make money from a website, you need at least one of the following. The more the better.

–Website(s) – the more, the more ads you get to place 

–YouTube channel -Turn your YouTube into a payee YouTube. $1 = 1,000 views after 100k subscribers. Do that math on a million view video, or two! 

–Product or business you want to launch. 

The best part with this, you are not responsible for selling anything. You simply work with us to do the design, template and development for it all…. and income is being generated right away.

Even if you don’t have a business, or anything to sell or really any reason to make a website about anything..  You can still purchase a domain for $18/yr and park ads on it and then recruit people through your website for higher revenues. 

Scroll through the information to see what we do. 

Look it over, if you think you are okay with making a few extra thousand dollars, give us a call, or fill out the contact form by clicking “Schedule Now” and filling the contact form out, at the bottom of the page.  Or call us at the number listed below, which is (929) COM-PUTE

We look forward to working with everyone and getting their online empire launched and starting to make some good side-money for just having an online presence. 


Website Design

Doozy+Labs+Responsive+Web+Design+IconWith over countless completed projects, we dedicate our time and expertise in providing high quality services. Our mission, is to build and provide professional website designs with the highest quality to blow your competition out of the water while keeping your costs within and under your budget. Depending on project size and what’s requested, your job could be completed in as little as 24 hours. We work extremely hard and tirelessly on every project.
process (1)

Discovery Online
images (1)

Your online presence can make or break your business. Once you are online, the fun begins. We look at the opportunity from the consumer’s perspective and start with Keyword Research, it’s the building blocks for all strategy development, it’s the test kitchen where our recipe for a successful Online Internet Marketing Strategy is tested and ultimately perfected to suit your exact business needs.

Here are examples of our business being listed #1 on the top search engines — We do the same for you!


Online Marketing

seo_consultant_icon3Even successful businesses sometimes need to step back from the edge and take a good look at their business, assess business direction, consider alternative marketing strategies and tactics more aligned to the consumer’s ever changing perspective of what’s important, what hot and what’s not. We dedicate all of our time to following trends, staying up to date with the best marketing tools and getting you the biggest bang for your buck to gain more customers! A $10-$20 investment could turn into $1,000!

Website SEO

PoleVault-Media-Marketing-IconWebsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Delivering increased traffic, being visible on all search engines while the site contents need to be credible, compelling and focused on the products/service your website offers. With our expertise, we can deliver a significantly improved SER (Search Engine Ranking) to drive increased traffic to your website. We will get you on all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and more) We have helped multiple startup companies turn into million dollar businesses.

Social Media Marketing

social_media_icons_largeAn effective Social Media Marketing Strategy pays off with increased traffic on your website, improved brand awareness and more business relationships overall. As you participate on social media platforms and position yourself as a leader in your market. If you aren’t on social media, customers will overlook you. In a recent study by Forbes magazine, prospective clients overlooked or couldn’t find businesses that were not on social media. Giving you the footprint on all of the top sites greatly increases your chances for those ‘cold-click clients’ out there that might not even know you exist! Or if you aren’t doing so hot on the social media sites, we surely can help with that.

Creating a Blog

BlogCreating a Blog is a critical element in any brand building exercise.  This posting right here, is a blog. We can develop and implement a blogging strategy to increase website exposure and drive traffic to your site. This is a great thing for existing customers, or reaching out to new customers. If you have a big follower base, or are just starting, this is a great way to connect to your                                            followers/customers/clients etc.

Email Marketing Services

EmailEmail Marketing Services can be a critical lead nurturing tool that all businesses need. However, developing and implementing an effective email marketing strategy requires specific talents, can be cumbersome and sometimes very time consuming. We can help manage the email marketing process and create email pieces that resonate with your target market generating new                           leads and bringing original customers back.

Workload — Business Owners


Business owners sometimes just get caught up with running their business and don’t have time to perform the daily marketing activities needed to stay in touch with existing clients and at the same time grow the business. We believe “small business owners simply do not have the time to market their business” and that’s where we come into play.

We will develop and maintain your website, manage social media accounts, track website statistics, develop ads and marketing campaigns, increase online presence, have your website linked directly to your eBay (if you have one) if not then we can add an online store to your website, garner 10k+ Facebook page likes, develop videos/advertisements, place advertisements so your websites can generate revenue and much more.

We upgrade your business with social media plugins and other tools/plugins. Use it to gain more “likes, shares, views, etc..”. Once we are done your online presence will be through the roof. Ad placements with monthly, residual revenue generation, YouTube video development, subdomain, free products for your website.. and more. To generate your small business/companies sales in time and get an extra paycheck a month with a comma in it just for having your website up and maintained.

The best thing to do, is speak with one of our Tech Support members via the contact information below so we can discuss your goals and ideas to better assist you, achieve your goals and increase your revenue!


Listed below you will see our designs/templates for those companies. Our portfolio consists of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. We have over 500 small business clients who have used our services to meet their online goals. As mentioned we have turned a few small businesses into million dollar businesses. Check our portfolio for the list of businesses and testimonials for the hundreds upon hundreds of clients, we’ve helped.

Custom Gallery For Clothing

Portfolio Item

e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Portfolio Item

Limo & Bus Rental

Portfolio Item

e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Portfolio Item

e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Portfolio Item

e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Portfolio Item

e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Portfolio Item

e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Portfolio Item

e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Portfolio Item

e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Portfolio Item

e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Portfolio Item

Home Refurbishments

Portfolio Item

Social Management

Portfolio Item

Registration Management

Portfolio Item

Global Communication & Media Site

Portfolio Item

Consulting Website

Portfolio Item

Unique Animation

Portfolio Item

Informational Animation

Portfolio Item

Business Animation

Portfolio Item

Financial Planning
Portfolio Item

Life Blog

Mobile Designs — Free with every website



Make money from YouTube!


We get asked a lot about YouTube videos, how people afford to make so many and if people actually earn a legitimate income from YouTube. The answer is yes. We have our own YouTube channel for our news site and we collect income off of every view. The pay is different for each category (type of videos) and each user account. But yes, you can make some really good money from YouTube. We will show you the tools necessary to make great videos, gain subscribers, get views, market your videos and how to obtain income from your YouTube channel. All you need to do is think of what type of videos you would like to make.

Let’s use just one example. Roman Atwood, 23 years of age started in 2011 just doing pranks. He now has over 7 million subscribers, has purchased his own home, with cash, multiple vehicles and makes roughly $150,000-$200,000 a year simply from YouTube videos. And that’s just one example. There are thousands of people earning enough income to live very, very comfortably off of, from just making 50-100~ videos. The residual income is amazing and this is something that can be discussed with our YouTube Revenue Generation Manager

Make money from your website!

Website-Making-MoneyCollecting residual income. 
We add some of the highest paying ad sites to your website, with minimal ads/annoyances, while generating your company extra revenue simply by having certain affiliates and ad placements. This will be discussed via our free consulting service/call and is only for those interested in making a few extra thousand dollars!

Don't worry. That's our job. You sit back and collect the money!
                                   Don’t worry. That’s our job. You sit back and collect the money!

Enough talk, right? Let’s get started.

Fill out the form below. Remember. It’s FREE to get started!!

Thank you,
-Sam (CEO)

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